Thursday, 28 May 2009

16 Weeks to Go!

Hello, my name is Claire and this is my blog for the Great Scottish Run 10k on Sunday 6th September! For the last 18 weeks I have been writing a blog for the Ignis Asset Management Women’s 10k, so if anyone is reading this who read that blog, thank you for sticking with me! For anyone new to my blog, here is a brief summary of what my blogs are about. Basically, I write about my training week! A good week for me would be Spin class on Monday night, Body Balance on Tuesday night, running Wednesday and Thursday nights, rest on Friday then running on Saturday and Sunday, plus I do weights 3 times a week, and often go swimming on a Saturday also. On a bad week… I do considerably less than that! A normal week falls somewhere between the two!

My aim when I started my blog at the beginning of the year was to achieve a 10k in 55mins. Up to that point my previous best 10k was just over 58mins, achieved in September at the Cumbernauld 10k, and my best 5k time was 27mins 21secs, which I did on a training run on a cold Autumn evening after work! Over the last few months I have ran a 5k in 26mins 41secs, and did two 10k’s in training at 58mins 44secs and then 56mins 47secs. At the Women’s 10k I got a new PB of 56mins 30secs plus, for the first time in a 10k race, ran the full distance without stopping. With the improvement I’ve made already this year, and with 16 weeks to go till the GSR I really feel positive that I will be able to run a 10k in 55mins by September. My other aims are to run a 5k in under 25mins, plus I would like to at least once try run say a 15k. I tend to run for 10k maximum then stop, so would like to see if I could run longer, even if it’s much slower!!!

Well for my first week of GSR training, it took me a while to get going, mainly because my legs were aching a bit on Monday so I gave Spin class a miss to recover! I went to my Body Balance class on Tuesday and it felt good to stretch my muscles, plus it was encouraging to hear that quite a lot of people in the class had ran the 10k on the Sunday! Other commitments meant I wasn’t able to do anything Wednesday or Thursday night, so it was Friday by time I was able to get out for a run again. I’d worked out that to run a 10k in 55mins I need to run at an average pace of 10.9kph. But now I’ve decided to try push myself to run faster so that maybe come race day 55min pace doesn’t feel that fast after all!! So Friday night I went out and ran 2.5k in 12mins 29secs, averaging 12kph, which is 50min pace! Now I’m not saying I could have run a full 10k at that pace but it’s a good start! Went to the gym at Glasgow Club Kelvin Hall on Saturday morning and had a good workout with the treadmill, weights and exercise bike, then Sunday morning I went out and did a 2 mile run, in 16mins 49secs, an average speed of 11.5kph. I did the first mile in 8m 12s but a bit slower for the second in 8m 37s. Both Friday night and Sunday morning runs were the fastest I’ve done over these distances, and I’m hoping that over the next few months I’ll get a few more PB’s over various distances!


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