Thursday, 28 May 2009

15 Weeks to Go!

After the aching legs of last Monday I made it along to Spin class at Glasgow Club Easterhouse this Monday night, and it was good to get back into it after the break! Tuesday night I had Body Balance class as usual. With doing so much running and Spin I really enjoy Body Balance as an alternative to the high impact exercising! Unfortunately I then came down with a cold and so I wasn’t able to get out running again until Sunday. I think my legs were still feeling the effects of the cold however, as unlike my runs of the previous week where I averaged 12kph for 2.5k and then 11.5kph for 3.22k (2 miles), I ran 4k averaging 10.5kph in a dreadfully slow time of 22mins 56secs,! It was a real struggle, I had to push myself to get to 4k! My legs just felt they had nothing in them if I tried to run faster!

As it was a bank holiday Monday I went a run in the morning again, this time I managed to get to 5k but again it was slow! I did it in 28mins 27secs averaging 10.5kph again! My first mile wasn’t too bad at 8m32s but then my second and third were 9m11s and 9m50s! As I said, I really hope it was simply from being ill in the week and I hadn’t quite recovered yet! After the run I went to the gym at Glasgow Club Easterhouse and used the weights machines there (kept away from the treadmill though!) Was nice to get all that over with in the morning and then enjoy the rest of the holiday Monday relaxing!

Well, it was a bad week but at least it happened early on in my GSR training, so hopefully now that I’m feeling better from the cold I’ll get back to running faster and have more to write about!


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