Monday, 8 June 2009

13 weeks to go!

Finally summer seems to have arrived! And luckily for me I had chosen last week and this week to take off on holiday, and so have been able to enjoy the good weather! I didn’t get a chance to type up my blog last week, so I’ll cover the last 2 weeks of training on this one!

As my last blog finished up with a 5k run on the holiday Monday, I will start this on the Tuesday. I went to my Body Balance class again that night. I’ve been going to it since the start of the year and really enjoy it. Wednesday night I went out a run and managed to do 4k in 21mins 12secs, an average speed of 11.3kpm. Was really pleased with it as it was faster than my runs of the previous week, and I was able to increase the distance. I next got out running on the Sunday, and quickly discovered I am not good at running in hot weather!! I did 2miles in 17m 55s, an average of 10.8kph, a bit slower than I would have liked, it was a roasting hot day though, I’m just not used to running in the heat!

Monday was the start of our break so I went hill walking up The Cobbler with the other half. As well as being the most amazing views, it was a really hard work out, not helped at all by the scorching heat!! My calves were so sore the next day I could barely walk! Was definitely worth it though for the views! Now being in pain and barely able to walk, I for some reason decided to go for a run that night!! Surprisingly it actually helped, running was much less painful than walking! I did 3k in 15m 43s, an average of 11.5kph, which would be 52min 10k pace! It felt a really good run as well so was really pleased to have done it as could easily have stayed in the house!

I was then away for a few days and also managed to catch the cold, typical when off on holiday with lovely weather! But I was signed up to do the Race for Life 5k on Sunday with a couple of girls from my work so I went out a run on Saturday after getting back, mainly to see if I was able to run! I ran 3.5k in 19m 10s, which is averaging 10.9kpm, 55m pace for a 10k, so wasn’t too bad, although I would have been struggling had I tried to run more! The Race for life was a great event on Sunday, if any of you are reading this that took part then congratulations to you all, it is such a fantastic charity to raise money for and was great to see thousands of women all there to do their bit to help out. The actual race started at 9.30 am, but we didn’t get started until after 10am as there were so many people there! It was difficult to get into a rhythm as there were so many people there walking but to be honest we didn’t care to much, it was more about taking part and raising money for the charity. We completed it in just under 34 and a half mins, one of the girls I was doing it with was taking part in her first 5k so very well done to her!

Well today I went out for another run, only did 1mile, in 8m 15s, averaging 11.7kph. I was struggling with my breathing a little due to a lingering cough from my cold, so didn’t want to push myself too much but was encouraged by the fact that I was able to run such a fast mile anyway! Off work this week again as I said above, and got more hill walking planned but hope to get out for some more running also, my immediate goal is to have my 5k time starting with a 25 so hopefully will achieve that sooner than later!


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