Tuesday, 16 June 2009

12 Weeks to Go!

Well as I mentioned in my blog last week, I have been off work on holiday again this week, so my training has still been a little haphazard!

Tuesday I went hill walking again, this time up Ben Ledi, it was just as high as the Cobbler but much steeper (less than 8k round trip compared to over 11k!), and again I have to say that definitely counted as exercise! Luckily my legs weren’t sore the next day unlike last week where it was agony just standing up from my chair!!

I went out a run on Wednesday, did 4k in 21mins 26secs, which was an average of 11.2kph. My first mile was 8m 22s, second 8m 45s. I didn’t quite have the energy to make it to 5k! Friday night though I went out again and managed a new PB for my 5k – 26m 37s! I still want it under the 26mins soon though! I averaged 11.3kph, slightly faster than Wednesday! My first mile was 8m 16s, second 8m 34s and third 8m 51s. It felt a really good run and I was never under any doubt I’d get to 5k, unlike some runs where I feel I’ll never make it the distance I want! I just need to work on that 3rd mile time now!!

Went out another run on Saturday morning but I was struggling to get the energy into my legs, I did 2k averaging about 11kph but I was feeling really tired so decided to Fartlek the 2k back, doing sprints/jogs. Afterwards I checked my Garmin and my maximum speed was 19.5kph! I didn’t think I’d be able to sprint that fast!! Now if I could just keep that up for 10,000metres and not just 100metres I be doing 30minute 10k’s and competing in the Olympics! Never going to happen though….! After the running I went to Glasgow Club Easterhouse to do weights at the gym, then Glasgow Club Easterhouse Pool for a little swimming then relaxing the sauna. Then I went home to sleep!!

Well I’m back at work now so hoping to get back into a proper routine again going out running at night, which should get my training back on track and hopefully see my times coming down again! Got a Jog Scotland 5k next Wednesday night after work which I am working towards at the moment, once I get that out the way I’ll need to start running longer distances again in preparation for September!


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