Monday, 22 June 2009

11 Weeks to Go

Oh dear, this was not a good training week! I seem to always be making excuses for not doing well, this week I am using the excuse that it was my first week back at work after 2 weeks off and so I was really tired…!

So Monday I was intending to go to spin class but it had been a long day and I was shattered…so didn’t! Tuesday night I went a run, I did manage to do 5k which I was pleased about, but it was a bit slower than my new PB from the previous week, at 27m 18s. My average was 11kph, so at least it was still above 55min 10k pace…just! I got off to a flyer, 1st mile in 8m 14s, but then I think it was a case of too fast too soon as my second mile was 8m 48s then the 3rd a dreadful 9m 19s, I was so close to stopping at 4k, really had to push myself to keep going! My first mile average was 11.7kph which is 51min 10k pace, clearly I’m not at that stage yet!

I went out for a quick run on Wednesday night again, this time I did 2.5k in 13m 28s, 11.1kph. First mile was 8m 24s so more like the pace I should be running at, just need to figure out how to keep running for longer at that pace! My problem is that I know I can run 10k, so now I am trying to run faster, and although I can do it for a mile or so, I don’t yet have the ability to run faster for longer! But now I’m used to running faster I struggle to actually run at a pace that I can keep up for a 5k or 10k distance!

Well Saturday morning I went out another run, did 2 miles but in an awful time of 17m 54s, averaging 10.8kph. First mile was 8m 29s, second 9m 15s (but I was running uphill!) After that I went to Glasgow Club Easterhouse for a weights workout at the gym.

I think I may have been putting too much pressure on myself to beat my previous fastest time everytime I’ve been out recently and so forgotten how to go out and just have fun running. I am doing a 5k on Wednesday night, one of the Jog Scotland 5k challenges, so once I get that out the way I think I will go out for a few runs where I don’t worry about what time I am do but maybe do some hill sprints or something different to ensure I don’t get bored.


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