Monday, 22 June 2009

Tuesday 23rd June

I think this is a first for the Bowie at Breakfast team. All three of us were out running this week!!
Even Des made it out onto the streets to crack out a couple of miles in preparation for the Great Scottish Run. Dr Prockter managed to get out four times and because George was in training for his boxing match he was regularly running the streets. However, he did admit that it wasn't really doing too much for his fitness levels because every couple of minutes someone was stopping him to wish him luck in the fight. So he was managing to get a couple of hundred metres before he had to stop and shake someone's hand. However, he thanks everyone for all their good wishes......the boxing went well by the way. He lost on a split decision but at least he didn't take a direct hit to his face so his boyish good looks are still in tact. He is now looking at a rematch but is hoping to get some serious running in before people start jumping in front of him to wish him good luck.


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