Tuesday, 30 June 2009

10 Weeks to Go!

Well another week, another medal!!

As I said in my previous blog, I’d been feeling a bit bored with my running recently, mainly from trying to push myself to achieve faster times and therefore starting too fast then not being able to run the distance I wanted. So on Monday night I went out for a run, aiming to do 5k but to run it comfortably, and so actually finish the run!! I ended up doing it in what was my 3rd fastest time, shows the difference putting pressure on yourself makes! I did it in 27mins exactly, an average of 11.1kph. My first mile was 8m 34s, second 8m 42s, and third 8m 56s, so I’m really pleased I managed to complete all in under 9m. I actually felt really good after it as well, rather than collapsing at the end as sometimes happens!!

Wednesday was the Jog Scotland 5k challenge. It was a very hot night, and everyone started together meaning some people in front of me were walking so I had to run round people. I found it really tough gong to be honest, could easily have stopped at a couple of points to walk but the other half was waiting on me and seeing him ahead at various points on the route really helped keep me going! (I knew he’d shout at me if he saw me walking!!) I managed to complete it in 28m 17s, a rather lowly average of 10.6kph, but see some achievement in the fact that even though I was struggling I managed to complete it without stopping! My mile splits were 8m 45s, 9m 6s and 9m 32s, a definite could do better! But at least I got a medal!! (and managed to beat the Royal Marines!!! Granted, they were each carrying a rucksack that weighed more than me. Well done guys.)

Saturday, looking for something different, the other half and I went down to a local park and did a 2.5k run then some hill sprints. I did the 2.5k in 12m 51s, averaging 11.6kph with a first mile time of 8m 18s. The hill sprints were rather sore but they are really meant to help your running (or so the other half said though, I think he might just enjoy putting me through the pain barrier!)

I managed to get back out for a 4th run of the week on Sunday, this time I did 2.5k again but faster than the day before at 12m 35s, averaging 11.9kph. My first mile time was 8m 7s, was tough going though, wouldn’t have been able to keep going any longer at that pace!

Well with 10 weeks to go, I know that I can easily run 5k, albeit maybe not as fast as I’d like yet, so I would like to change my training slightly so that at least one day a week I do a longer run of say 6k, 7k or even more. However I’m going to try and do more interval training, hill running etc just to really push myself that bit harder and hopefully make some big improvements. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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