Monday, 10 May 2010

17 Weeks to Go!

Hello and welcome to my Great Scottish Run 10k blog! Over the next 17 weeks I will be detailing my weekly training as I aim to set a new PB of under 55mins!

I took up jogging about 3 years ago, and somehow over the months seemed to change from being a jogger to a runner! I think the main difference is starting to care about how fast you run and keeping a note of average times etc! It’s gone from being a hobby to a way of life!

My best 10k time so far is 56mins 30secs in the Woman’s 10k last May, I had aimed for under 55mins in September. However I got my pacing wrong for the first mile then spent the second mile trying too hard to make up time. In future I will stick to a steady more even pace. A lesson learned!!

So far this year I haven’t had much time to dedicate to training, due to getting married 3 weeks ago! I did the Woman’s 10k yesterday, mainly for fun rather than for a specific target time and am pleasantly surprised that I crossed the finish line just seconds over the hour mark!

Well, I was pleasantly surprised for about an hour or so then started getting frustrated with myself for not running that bit faster and getting under an hour! But considering my last month of training consisted of a 6k over 3 weeks ago, a 5k 2 weeks ago, a stop-start 7k last Monday, and pretty much nothing else, I think I did ok! My plan is to now step up the training and aim once again for under 55mins in September!

As well as running I also go to spin classes at Glasgow Club Easterhouse a couple of times a week, in fact I am booked in for spin tonight (the day after a 10k….I must be mad!)

See you next week!


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