Monday, 24 August 2009

2 Weeks to Go!

Can’t believe its only 2 weeks to go till the 10k now! Doesn’t seem that long at all since I wrote my first blog saying 16 weeks to go! I managed to have another fairly good week of training. Finally it’s all starting to come together!

Monday night I have to admit my legs were feeling really tired, so gave spin a miss and instead did a Tae Bo dvd in the house. If I thought my legs were sore, it was nothing compared to how sore my glutes were the next day!

I made it out a run on Tuesday night, and managed to do 6k in 32m 39s, an average of 11kph. My mile times were 8m 39s for the first, second 8m 49s and third 8m 48s, and my last kilometre or so I averaged 11.4kph so I was pleased to have such a strong finish to my run! (The other half also went out for a run that night and recorded his worst ever 5k time not far off my average speed for the night!)

After resting the legs on Wednesday and having a weights night instead, I went back out on Thursday, this time doing 7k in exactly 39m, average of 10.8kph. It was a really wet night so I was glad to completed a long run in such bad conditions. I did my first mile in 8m 43s, second 9m 2s, third 9m 14s, fourth 9m 5s, by that point having done 4 miles I was averaging 10.7kph and feeling very comfortable, albeit drenched, so I picked it up and ran the last 600 metres as fast as I could, so by time I got to 7k I’d brought my average up to 10.8kph! I managed that last 600 metres averaging 11.5!

Saturday went out for another run, and this time was really pleased to complete 9k, but my time was 51m 48s, a rather low average of 10.4kph. I was doing great up to 5k, averaging 10.9kph but then ran out of steam a bit and couldn’t get much speed going in my legs at all. At least I got a long run in though, and I know I hadn’t eaten enough that morning but I’m putting my poor second half down to lack of fuel! My miles times were first 8m 53s, second 8m 47s, third 9m 2s, fourth 9m 38s, and fifth 9m 37s. It was the longest I’d ran since the Woman’s 10k in May and I was pleased that even though I was really struggling, I still managed to complete such a distance. The other half would like to point out that he recorded his second fastest ever 5k time after his Tuesday night debacle!!! That’s the strange thing about running. Sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason to how you perform so don’t let one bad run put you off, as your personal best might be just round the corner.

After the run on Saturday I went to Glasgow Club Easterhouse to do weights and then to the swimming for a few (slow) lengths and then a nice relax in the steam room. I really recommend the stream room as a god finish to a morning of exercise!

Sunday I managed to get out for a fourth run of the week, however having already done a 6k, 7k then 9k my legs were really tired, so I just ran a mile, in 8m 25s, average of 11.5kph. It felt a good mile although I had nothing left at all by the end of it!

Well this next week will be my last big push, before taking it a bit easier the following week. Not long now…hope that for everyone reading this your training is coming along well!


Blogger Brett Housholder said...

Hello Claire,

I don't mean to try to hijack your blog, but I'm looking for some help regarding the race and need to find somebody locally who is running in it.

A friend and I are coming from the U.S. for a trip to Scotland and want to run the race while we're there. Unfortunately, we missed the registration deadline and won't be in Glasgow early enough to pick up our race packs (the late entry office closes at 6pm on Saturday night, we arrive after 7pm).

We talked to one of the race coordinators and were told our only option is to register anyway and try to find somebody locally who can pick up our packs for us before the late entry office closes on Saturday.

If anyone here would be willing to help us out, we'd be more than happy to reimburse you for your troubles or buy you a few pints after the race. If you'd be willing to lend us a hand, let me know at

Either way, happy training and good luck in the race. If you see two guys without bibs running alongside you, that'll be us!

Thanks so much.

27 August 2009 at 08:22  

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