Monday, 10 August 2009

4 Weeks to Go!

Well now less than a month to go, I hope everyone else’s training is coming along better than mine!

After a not very good weekend of training, I made it along to Spin class at Glasgow Club Easterhouse on Monday night but then came down with the cold and did not manage to get out again all week.

On Saturday morning I finally woke up feeling better and got my trainers on! I didn’t have much energy to run fast but decided I didn’t care, was just happy to be out running, and so achieved a 6k, in a time of 34m 56s. No-where near target at 10.3kph, but under the circumstances I was really pleased with it! My mile times were 9m 11s for the first, 9m 19s for the second, and 9m 31s for the third.

After a long slow run on Saturday (and being out most of the day Sunday!) I decided to go out Sunday night and just try a short fast run, and completely surprised myself by equalling my fastest ever 2 miles time, finishing it in 16m 47s! That was averaging 11.5kph, which equates to a 52m 10k! If only!! My mile times for 8m 19s for the first, and second 8m 28s!

I was really surprised to do it so quickly as I felt I was struggling after the first mile, and certainly with being ill during the week and such a slow run on Saturday I hadn’t expected to be able to run so fast!

This week I really need to run at least 8k, being saying that for about 3 weeks now however…wish me luck!


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