Thursday, 6 August 2009

Friday 7th August

You know that it's getting close to the run because ALL of the Bowie at Breakfast team are now in training. George himself has been keeping pretty fit with his boxing and is now introducing some longer runs into his regime. Dr Prockter has been running right across the summer but Des has been putting it off. However, he did say that once he got back from his holiday, he would get back out again. So, true to his word, he did a couple of runs this week. He was managing 3 miles and has committed to building up to 4 or 5 over the next couple of weeks. He's still off the cigarettes, so he's sure he can get up to match fitness by September the 6th.
And on the 5th of course there's the opportunity for the younger ones to take part in the Junior Race. George's son Ross and Dr Prockter's boy Callum are both participating and have been out pounding the streets.


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