Tuesday, 14 July 2009

8 Weeks to Go

Finally, I managed to get a decent week of training!! Not brilliant, but better than the last few!

Monday night, for the first time in almost 2 months, I made it along to Spin class at Glasgow Club Easterhouse. It was great fun getting back into it, although I’d forgotten how sore you get the next day from the seat, luckily it only happens the first time you go after a break!! Tuesday night I got along to Body Balance class for the first time in a while also! It was a new routine, as they change it every couple of months to keep it fresh, so I really did feel like a beginner again!

I was busy Wednesday night, so Thursday night went out determined to do at least 6k. I really am starting to realise that positive thinking has so much influence on running. The other half has been telling me this for ages but I never quite believed him before. If you go out thinking this is going to be hard, it is.

But because I’d been saying all week I was going to run 6k, I was ready for it and actually managed 6.5k, in my best time yet! I did it in 35m 35s, averaging 11kpm. Its actually the first time I’ve run a distance over 5k at an average speed above what I need to do a 55m 10k (10.9kph!), so I was very happy afterwards! My mile splits were good also, first 8m 35s, second 9m 48s, third 8m 46s and fourth as I was tiring 9m 3s. (If you do not believe you can do it then you have no chance at all.)

Since I didn’t get out on Wednesday night, I did a Friday night run instead this week. After a long run the previous night, I decided to do something different so I ran a quick mile and then did hill sprints. I somehow managed to do a mile in 7m 49s, my fastest yet! My average was 12.4kph, now if only I could do that 6 times over! After that I did 4 hill sprints, then back to the house for my much needed dinner and shower!

Saturday morning had a slight change of routine, went to the gym first then running! Did all my usual weights at the gym, managed to increase a couple of them also which is always good! Both the other half and I were fed up timing our runs to the exact second so for something different we ran a mile on grass (so strange running on grass when used to pavements!) and then ran a mile fartlek, including a hill sprint within it!

I had planned on gong out another run on Sunday, but ended up spending all Saturday afternoon in the garden (digging up the grass to create a flower bed! Very Rock and Roll!!!) so I was in a lot of pain on Sunday when I woke up, then spent the afternoon in B&Q buying flowers then planting them, so wasn’t able to get out. All in all though, it was a much better week than the last few and I’m glad I was able to get a longer run in.

This week now I need to run a 7 or 7.5k at 10.9kph or higher!

Running tip if you like Meatloaf – play the full version of Bat Out Of Hell then I’d Do Anything For Love, then repeat, and you’ll have covered 4 miles! Got me through my run on Thursday anyway!!


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