Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Tuesday 7th July

It's not been too bad a week for the training....so far. We say so far because we don't have high hopes for getting much in the way of running done over the weekend. George Bowie and Des McLean are doing Bowie at tea-time live from T in the Park on Saturday, so they will be heading up to Balado in the camper van on Friday. So friday, Saturday and Sunday are all going to be write-offs. Not necessarily because of the late nights or because the food and drink consummed isn't the perfect diet for an athelte in training, but because it'll be wellies only for the whole weekend. They may not have the greatest background knowledge of the intricasies of appropriate footwear but even they know that you cannot run in knee-high rubber boots.

But George has been sensible enough to take account of the difficulties of training on a muddy festival site and is fitting in extra runs at the front end of the week. Des on the other hand has decided that he will launch himself into a strict regime of regular jogging, once T in the Park is out of the way. Watch this space!!


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