Monday, 6 July 2009

9 Weeks to Go!

Well unfortunately I had another not so good week with the training, really need to get more running in. A combination of not feeling well, concerts and just simply too hot meant I didn’t get anywhere near the amount of training in that I would have liked this week!

I had planned on going to Spin on Monday night but had to cancel as wasn’t feeling well, then was out at AC/DC concert on Tuesday night (ROCK!), so Wednesday night was the first training I was able to do. Managed 2 miles averaging 11.1kph in a time of 17m 20s, first mile 8m 30s, second mile 8m 49s. It was a really hot night and I really struggled so I am pleased to have done it at that speed! No chance of running on further though, breathing was getting really difficult!

I met a friend on Thursday night and as it was so nice we went a walk for about an hour and a half, any benefit of that was no doubt undone by the ice cream we had afterwards!!

Lack of sleep caused by the hot weather really started to take its toll on me on Friday night and I could barely walk the 3 minutes home from the bus stop! I slept most of the evening and throughout the night and felt much better Saturday morning, until I tried to go running and made it as far as the end of the rood (about 300 metres!) before having to stop as my legs were seriously lacking any energy! The other half ran on (after checking I was ok!) and then after that we went up to Glasgow Club Easterhouse for the gym. I was able to do my weights as normal, even managed to increase the weight on a couple, and then after than ran a mile on the treadmile (with the fan blowing on me full power), so felt slightly better that I at least did something!! I’m definitely not made for hot weather training.

Sunday morning I got up and out for a run before it got too sunny. Pleased to say I managed 5k, in a fairly average (for me!) time of 27m 47s, averaging 10.8kph. My first 2 miles were good, fist mile 8m 38s and second 8m 52s, but then I had a dreadful 3rd mile at 9m 20s, I am just so proud of myself for making it to 5k and not stopping as I very easily could have done!

With only 9 weeks left now I know I really need to get out running more, and longer. I haven’t ran more than 5k since the Women’s 10k at the end of May, so running a 6 or 7k in training soon is a must! I am booked in for Spin and Body Balance this week and no more excuses, I’m going! Once I get myself used to the routine that I was doing before then hopefully I will find it easier running beyond the 5k mark! I just hope the Scottish summers we are used to come back as I really can’t cope with running in the heat!!


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