Monday, 27 July 2009

6 Weeks to Go!

The weeks really are going too fast now, 6 weeks to go, how did that happen?!

Well my blog last week ended on Monday, so for this week, Tuesday I went to Body Balance class which was good fun, then Thursday got out for my first run of the week. I did 5k in a fairly average time of 27m 18s, average of 11kph. My first mile was 8m 28s, second 8m 54s and third 9m 7s. I felt ok during it, although probably could have got under 27m if I pushed myself a bit more!

Friday night went to the gym (as a change from Saturday morning!) Did the usual weights plus a mile Fartlek on the treadmill, running 30 second sprints at 9.5mph then back down to about 6mph! I enjoy doing it like that on the treadmill, I’m so used to running outside now that I can’t just run normally on a treadmill anymore!

Went out running again on Saturday but not very happy with the result! I did 5k but it was in a time of 27m 57s, one of my slowest for a while! I averaged 10.7kph. My mile splits were 8m 51s, 9m 6s then 9m 8s. I just felt like I couldn’t pick up speed at all, kept trying to make myself run faster but it wasn’t happening!!

Anyway, after that slow run I went out on Sunday and decided to do a shorter distance but try run fast to get my legs remembering how to do it! As a result I ran my second fastest ever 2 miles, in a time of 16m 57s! My average speed was 11.4kph, first mile 8m 14s and second 8m 40s.

Well with only 6 weeks to go, and my running still a bit too “hit and miss” for my liking, I have decided to give my body balance class a miss for the next few weeks and fit in an extra run instead, so I can hopefully get out running 4 days in the week. I really think it will help push me along that bit further. I really need to do a long run a week from now until 6th September, I believe I have the ability to do a 10k in under 55mins, but now I need to actually get out and do it!


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