Monday, 3 August 2009

5 Weeks to Go!

Only 5 weeks left till the 10k, and I had another mixed week. Started off good but finished not so good!

Monday night went to the gym at Glasgow Club Easterhouse for weights training then spin class. Felt a really good workout, so a good start to the week!

Tuesday night I did my best run of the week, doing 7k in 38m 25s, an average of 10.9kph, bang on the pace I need for a 55min 10k. I did my first mile in 8m 30s, second 8m 52s, third 9m 2s and fourth 9m 3s. It felt a really good run, I always knew I was going to make it to 7k, and after it I wished I’d ran on further as I feel I had more in me!

Wednesday night as the legs were recovering from the previous nights run, I left my watch at home for once and just did a couple of kilometres then 4 hill sprints on the way back up to the house!

Well I didn’t get back out again until Saturday, but I wasn’t feeling great over the weekend, and as soon as I started running I realised I wasn’t going to be able to manage much! Ended up turning it into a half run/half walk! After that really wasn’t in the mood for the gym so ended up having a boxing session with the other half back home. He held the punch mitts and I did a few rounds of jabs, crosses and uppercuts!! Was great fun, although my arms are still recovering (as are his ribs!! hehe)

Went out a run again on Sunday but still wasn’t feeling great so only managed 2 miles, in a time of 17m 38s, average of 11kph. My first mile wasn’t bad at all at 8m 35s but I ran out of steam and did the second in 9m 1s! To make up for missing the gym the previous day I then did weights back at the house.

My aim for this week is to run a 8k at some point, so hopefully the motivation of only one month to go will get me through it!!


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