Monday, 17 August 2009

3 Weeks to Go!

Well with only 3 weeks left until the GRS I think I have managed to have my best week of training yet!

Monday night I went to the gym at Glasgow Club Easterhouse then Spin class, so got the week off to a good start! Tuesday night I did a 5k run, in 27m 7s, which averaged 11.1kph, not my best but not too bad, especially as I had to work late and so didn’t get out till 8pm! My mile splits were 8m 33s, 8m 51s and 8m 52s.

I went for a longer run on Thursday night, and ended up having a very surreal experience! I turned up to the usual place I go running and it turned out there was an organised 5k on that night! (I didn’t have any money on me or else I probably would have ended up signing up for it!) Anyway, I did 3 laps and was running back to the car which just happened to be the finish straight of the race, so I found myself getting cheered on by all the spectators!! I think they were all wondering what was going on when I turned right into the car park rather than an extra 50metres down to the finish line! In all I managed 8.5k, my longest run since the Women’s 10k in May, in a time of 48m 19s, average of 10.6kph. My mile times were 8m 39s, 8m 58s, 9m6s, 9m 24s and then 9m 33s. I am slightly disappointed with my time, especially the last 2 miles, but to be fair those were once the race had started and because I knew people had paid to enter I was making sure I was getting out their way, and so that probably did slow me down!

Friday night the other half and his friend went to play table tennis at Glasgow Club Easterhouse so I went to the gym and did weights again, then Saturday went a 2 mile run, managing it in 17m 5s, an average of 11.3kph. My first mile was really fast at 8m 14s, an average of 11.7kph, but as well as being really fast it was into a strong head wind so I ran out of steam a little and took 8m 50s for the second mile! Still was a good overall time though!

I managed to get out a fourth run on the week on Sunday, and it’s the only one I am slightly disappointed with. I had hoped to get out for a bit of a longer run again but it was really windy, and I felt at times I was in a cartoon running as fast as I could but just staying on the same spot! In the end I did 2 miles in 18m 14s, a pretty low average of 10.6kph, first mile 9m, second 9m 13s.

I managed to do 20k over the week which I am really pleased with. Having managed a 8.5k in the week, I now hope to do close to a 10k this week!


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