Monday, 10 May 2010

Congrats to everyone who took part in the Women's 10k yesterday. It was a fantastic event and you all did really well! It was a very exciting and important day in the build up to the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run this September.

A massive amount of organisation goes in to hosting a major road race event like the Women's 10k or the Great Scottish Run. And with all things, the more practice you get, the better it becomes and this is no different!

Despite it being a very successful event there are always things we can do a little bit better so we will taking away the feedback from the weekend and will hopefully be able to put that in to practice to make the race in September event better. Remember you can do 10k in September (you don't just have to do the big half marathon!) so once the stiff muscles and the aches ease off this week, get signed back up for September and don't put all your hard work to waste!


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