Friday, 4 September 2009

Bowie at Breakfast - 4th September

It's now that exciting stage, where you've done about as much as you can possibly do and all that's left is to make sure your kit is clean and ready to go. it's a bit like swatting for an exam and then knowing that you've learnt as much as you are ever going to.
It's been a couple of short runs for the team, just keeping the muscles limbered up and ready ahead of the big day on Sunday.
The kids, of course are running on Saturday looks like it might be a bit showery, but it's not dampening their enthusiasm.
Des McLean is currently sitting with a serious look on his face, trying to come up with a clever race day strategy but we've told him that he would do well just to focus his attentions on getting from Start Line to Finish in one piece.
Good luck to everyone who's taking part and thanks to anyone who is going to stand at the side of the route and cheer us on!!!


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