Friday, 28 August 2009

Bowie at Breakfast - 28th August

Here's the latest......
George Bowie has been on the Osteopath's table all week getting treatment for a frozen neck. The injury has not done much for his ability to run, but it has provided great entertainment for the rest of the team. Everyone else keeps standing behind him and shouting his name and then laughing as he turns around and buckles in agony. Absolute quality!
Des McLean has surprised everyone with his newfound enthusiasm. He has been 100% committed to his training this week and has been out raing and shine (well mostly rain this week!) to improve his fitness levels. He knows he left it a bit late, but he can crack out 40 minutes in training now, so reckons he can do an hour on the day.
Dr Prockter has also been out and about, despite the wind and rain. She was remembering this time last year when we had loads of sunny days and it was far less of an effort to get out there. She lives on the coast and has been a victim of the very strong winds. The running has been very slow in one direction and very, very fast in the other direction because of the favourable tail wind!
The kids have been out jogging too. The sons of Dr Prockter and George Bowie are going to do their last couple of training runs this week in readiness for the Junior Race on Saturday.


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