Tuesday, 11 May 2010

New trainers tried and tested!!

Hi everyone, over the next few weeks I will share with you all my training schedule for the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon, yes I'm attempting the half this year, I managed to finish the 10k last year in 1hr4mins and have set myself a harder challenge for 2010. Hoping to complete it in 2hours.

My friend and colleague talked me into taking part in the 10k last year and now I'm hooked. I started jogging myself 2-3times per week and decided to join a local jogscotland running club and go out twice a week running distances ranging from 4.5-8miles, which has helped me massively. Now the weather is changing for the better, we are trying out tougher and longer distances which I am enjoying. I also go out for a 6-7mile run at the weekend. I will need to start running longer distances from June onwards to prepare myself and work up to the half marathon.

I ran the Ignis 10k on Sunday which is a brilliant event with such terrific support, will definitely take part in this run each year. Lots of girls having fun running with their friends, family and colleagues for all different reasons. The route was good with a couple of hills for those runners who are looking for a little challenge along the way but not too tough for non-runners either who were taking part just for the fun of it and to raise money for friends, family and colleagues.

Going out for a run on Thursday night and will let you know how it goes.


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