Friday, 24 April 2009

Friday 24th April

Well there haven't been many miles covered by the Bowie at Breakfast team this week in training for the Great Scottish Run. George is recuperating following his hair transplant and is banned from jogging until it all heals. Dr Prockter is being tested for allergies and hasn't been allowed to wash for a week so no running for her. So all our hopes were pinned on Des. Who is still trying to talk himself into getting started. But Dr Prockter will be taking part in the Women's 10k in a few weeks, so she'll be back into the training regime at the weekend...and hopefully coming back smelling a little sweeter on Monday.

Friday, 10 April 2009

George Bowie and Des McLean are both holidaying this week and so I think I may have been the only one who was attempting to stick to the training schedule for the Great Scottish Run. But the elements were definitely conspiring against me. Every time I was planning a run this week I got into my kit and kept an eye on the weather, hoping to catch a dry spell. 3 times I managed to head out when it was gloriously sunny and find myself caught in an absolutely torrential downpour when I was 2 miles away from home. I would like to apolgise to the good people of Wemyss Bay, I don't think anyone should be subjected to the sight of me red and sweaty in wet lycra.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Friday 3rd April

As we head into the Easter holiday, there are mixed reviews for the team's efforts so far with regards to the training for the run. George has done a couple of 8 mile runs this week so he is quite happy with how his preparations are going. Dr Prockter is cracking out 6 mile runs every week now because she has the Women's 10k next month. So that leaves Des McLean. He's definitely letting the side down. He's got the trainers out of the cupboard but that's about it. He claims that 2 weeks holiday will give him a bit more opportunity to get out and get training. He's off to New York, so you know he's going to hang out with all the New York trendies jogging round Central Park.