Tuesday, 18 May 2010

16 Weeks to Go!

Well that’s my second week of GSR training over…and I didn’t quite get as much training done as I would have liked, but at least I’ve still a good number of weeks left!

I ended my blog last week saying that I was going to Spin class that night, I have to admit that as the day went on, my legs (and rest of me!) got more and more tired, and so I cancelled and went home for a bath instead!

I tried to make up for it on Tuesday, and so went out for a 5k run. Did it in 28 mins 13 seconds, which was an average pace of 10.6kph. Not bad, but my fastest ever time is 26mins 16 secs, and I’d like to be back running at that pace! One thing I’ve found over the last year or so, is that I don’t really run in kilometres or miles, but average speed! I like to believe this is what makes me a runner and not a jogger, but in reality I think it just makes me a geek!

Anyway, I didn’t manage to get out running the next couple of nights, but had Spin class on Friday night. It was a good workout, Friday night spin definitely sets you up for the weekend!

I got out for another run on Saturday, and this time ran 6.5k in 36m 33s averaging 10.7kph. That is around 56min 10k pace, closer to where I want to be but still not fast enough! In order to achieve my aim of a sub 55min 10k, I really need to be running at a pace of over 11kph, I can do that over a shorter distance of say 2miles but need to get my body used to running faster for longer!!
I seemed to have planned it over the next couple of weeks that I am either out most nights or have people over, so not sure how much training I will get to do, but will try my best to get at least a couple of runs in so I have something to write about!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

New trainers tried and tested!!

Hi everyone, over the next few weeks I will share with you all my training schedule for the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon, yes I'm attempting the half this year, I managed to finish the 10k last year in 1hr4mins and have set myself a harder challenge for 2010. Hoping to complete it in 2hours.

My friend and colleague talked me into taking part in the 10k last year and now I'm hooked. I started jogging myself 2-3times per week and decided to join a local jogscotland running club and go out twice a week running distances ranging from 4.5-8miles, which has helped me massively. Now the weather is changing for the better, we are trying out tougher and longer distances which I am enjoying. I also go out for a 6-7mile run at the weekend. I will need to start running longer distances from June onwards to prepare myself and work up to the half marathon.

I ran the Ignis 10k on Sunday which is a brilliant event with such terrific support, will definitely take part in this run each year. Lots of girls having fun running with their friends, family and colleagues for all different reasons. The route was good with a couple of hills for those runners who are looking for a little challenge along the way but not too tough for non-runners either who were taking part just for the fun of it and to raise money for friends, family and colleagues.

Going out for a run on Thursday night and will let you know how it goes.

Monday, 10 May 2010

The Bowie at Breakfast team's Great Scottish Run training is underway with me (Adele) doing the Women's 10K yesterday. I managed the run in 1 hour and 36 seconds; I delighted with the time although I wish it could have been under an hour. At least I now have a time to beat at the Great Scottish Run in September!

George and Des haven't been doing much running, Des has had too much on with his wedding but now he is back from his honeymoon he can start pounding the streets of Glasgow.

George had a boxing match last week and is fairly fit already so I am sure the half marathon won't be a problem for him!

17 Weeks to Go!

Hello and welcome to my Great Scottish Run 10k blog! Over the next 17 weeks I will be detailing my weekly training as I aim to set a new PB of under 55mins!

I took up jogging about 3 years ago, and somehow over the months seemed to change from being a jogger to a runner! I think the main difference is starting to care about how fast you run and keeping a note of average times etc! It’s gone from being a hobby to a way of life!

My best 10k time so far is 56mins 30secs in the Woman’s 10k last May, I had aimed for under 55mins in September. However I got my pacing wrong for the first mile then spent the second mile trying too hard to make up time. In future I will stick to a steady more even pace. A lesson learned!!

So far this year I haven’t had much time to dedicate to training, due to getting married 3 weeks ago! I did the Woman’s 10k yesterday, mainly for fun rather than for a specific target time and am pleasantly surprised that I crossed the finish line just seconds over the hour mark!

Well, I was pleasantly surprised for about an hour or so then started getting frustrated with myself for not running that bit faster and getting under an hour! But considering my last month of training consisted of a 6k over 3 weeks ago, a 5k 2 weeks ago, a stop-start 7k last Monday, and pretty much nothing else, I think I did ok! My plan is to now step up the training and aim once again for under 55mins in September!

As well as running I also go to spin classes at Glasgow Club Easterhouse a couple of times a week, in fact I am booked in for spin tonight (the day after a 10k….I must be mad!)

See you next week!
Congrats to everyone who took part in the Women's 10k yesterday. It was a fantastic event and you all did really well! It was a very exciting and important day in the build up to the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run this September.

A massive amount of organisation goes in to hosting a major road race event like the Women's 10k or the Great Scottish Run. And with all things, the more practice you get, the better it becomes and this is no different!

Despite it being a very successful event there are always things we can do a little bit better so we will taking away the feedback from the weekend and will hopefully be able to put that in to practice to make the race in September event better. Remember you can do 10k in September (you don't just have to do the big half marathon!) so once the stiff muscles and the aches ease off this week, get signed back up for September and don't put all your hard work to waste!


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The excitement is building here at GSR HQ as we gear up for race weekend this September. We've confirmed some great details about the senior races including start times and the fact both the half marathon and 10k will cross the Kingston Bridge.

The 10k will start at 9.30am from George Square on 5th September and the half marathon will kick off at 10.30am - giving everyone plenty of time to get in to the city for the start (but not so long to wait for those butterflys to kick in!). We will be revealing details of both routes very soon and we are working hard to make sure they give everyone the best and most enjoyable race possible, with plenty of potential to break that PB.

For the Junior runners we are working away on details for that including all the fun bits like designing the race t-shirts for this year and also those coveted medals! Plus we've set up a dedicated facebook page for the Junior races at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bank-of-Scotland-Junior-Great-Scottish-Run/115305591826050?v=wall&ref=ts.

We've also got our senior race facebook and twitter pages where you can keep up to date with all the latest goings on and behind the scenes news in the run up to the race weekend - check us out at http://twitter.com/GreatScotRun10 and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bank-of-Scotland-Great-Scottish-Run/309385763024

Keep training and we will see you all on the start line this September!