Tuesday, 30 June 2009

10 Weeks to Go!

Well another week, another medal!!

As I said in my previous blog, I’d been feeling a bit bored with my running recently, mainly from trying to push myself to achieve faster times and therefore starting too fast then not being able to run the distance I wanted. So on Monday night I went out for a run, aiming to do 5k but to run it comfortably, and so actually finish the run!! I ended up doing it in what was my 3rd fastest time, shows the difference putting pressure on yourself makes! I did it in 27mins exactly, an average of 11.1kph. My first mile was 8m 34s, second 8m 42s, and third 8m 56s, so I’m really pleased I managed to complete all in under 9m. I actually felt really good after it as well, rather than collapsing at the end as sometimes happens!!

Wednesday was the Jog Scotland 5k challenge. It was a very hot night, and everyone started together meaning some people in front of me were walking so I had to run round people. I found it really tough gong to be honest, could easily have stopped at a couple of points to walk but the other half was waiting on me and seeing him ahead at various points on the route really helped keep me going! (I knew he’d shout at me if he saw me walking!!) I managed to complete it in 28m 17s, a rather lowly average of 10.6kph, but see some achievement in the fact that even though I was struggling I managed to complete it without stopping! My mile splits were 8m 45s, 9m 6s and 9m 32s, a definite could do better! But at least I got a medal!! (and managed to beat the Royal Marines!!! Granted, they were each carrying a rucksack that weighed more than me. Well done guys.)

Saturday, looking for something different, the other half and I went down to a local park and did a 2.5k run then some hill sprints. I did the 2.5k in 12m 51s, averaging 11.6kph with a first mile time of 8m 18s. The hill sprints were rather sore but they are really meant to help your running (or so the other half said though, I think he might just enjoy putting me through the pain barrier!)

I managed to get back out for a 4th run of the week on Sunday, this time I did 2.5k again but faster than the day before at 12m 35s, averaging 11.9kph. My first mile time was 8m 7s, was tough going though, wouldn’t have been able to keep going any longer at that pace!

Well with 10 weeks to go, I know that I can easily run 5k, albeit maybe not as fast as I’d like yet, so I would like to change my training slightly so that at least one day a week I do a longer run of say 6k, 7k or even more. However I’m going to try and do more interval training, hill running etc just to really push myself that bit harder and hopefully make some big improvements. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Tuesday 23rd June

I think this is a first for the Bowie at Breakfast team. All three of us were out running this week!!
Even Des made it out onto the streets to crack out a couple of miles in preparation for the Great Scottish Run. Dr Prockter managed to get out four times and because George was in training for his boxing match he was regularly running the streets. However, he did admit that it wasn't really doing too much for his fitness levels because every couple of minutes someone was stopping him to wish him luck in the fight. So he was managing to get a couple of hundred metres before he had to stop and shake someone's hand. However, he thanks everyone for all their good wishes......the boxing went well by the way. He lost on a split decision but at least he didn't take a direct hit to his face so his boyish good looks are still in tact. He is now looking at a rematch but is hoping to get some serious running in before people start jumping in front of him to wish him good luck.

11 Weeks to Go

Oh dear, this was not a good training week! I seem to always be making excuses for not doing well, this week I am using the excuse that it was my first week back at work after 2 weeks off and so I was really tired…!

So Monday I was intending to go to spin class but it had been a long day and I was shattered…so didn’t! Tuesday night I went a run, I did manage to do 5k which I was pleased about, but it was a bit slower than my new PB from the previous week, at 27m 18s. My average was 11kph, so at least it was still above 55min 10k pace…just! I got off to a flyer, 1st mile in 8m 14s, but then I think it was a case of too fast too soon as my second mile was 8m 48s then the 3rd a dreadful 9m 19s, I was so close to stopping at 4k, really had to push myself to keep going! My first mile average was 11.7kph which is 51min 10k pace, clearly I’m not at that stage yet!

I went out for a quick run on Wednesday night again, this time I did 2.5k in 13m 28s, 11.1kph. First mile was 8m 24s so more like the pace I should be running at, just need to figure out how to keep running for longer at that pace! My problem is that I know I can run 10k, so now I am trying to run faster, and although I can do it for a mile or so, I don’t yet have the ability to run faster for longer! But now I’m used to running faster I struggle to actually run at a pace that I can keep up for a 5k or 10k distance!

Well Saturday morning I went out another run, did 2 miles but in an awful time of 17m 54s, averaging 10.8kph. First mile was 8m 29s, second 9m 15s (but I was running uphill!) After that I went to Glasgow Club Easterhouse for a weights workout at the gym.

I think I may have been putting too much pressure on myself to beat my previous fastest time everytime I’ve been out recently and so forgotten how to go out and just have fun running. I am doing a 5k on Wednesday night, one of the Jog Scotland 5k challenges, so once I get that out the way I think I will go out for a few runs where I don’t worry about what time I am do but maybe do some hill sprints or something different to ensure I don’t get bored.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

12 Weeks to Go!

Well as I mentioned in my blog last week, I have been off work on holiday again this week, so my training has still been a little haphazard!

Tuesday I went hill walking again, this time up Ben Ledi, it was just as high as the Cobbler but much steeper (less than 8k round trip compared to over 11k!), and again I have to say that definitely counted as exercise! Luckily my legs weren’t sore the next day unlike last week where it was agony just standing up from my chair!!

I went out a run on Wednesday, did 4k in 21mins 26secs, which was an average of 11.2kph. My first mile was 8m 22s, second 8m 45s. I didn’t quite have the energy to make it to 5k! Friday night though I went out again and managed a new PB for my 5k – 26m 37s! I still want it under the 26mins soon though! I averaged 11.3kph, slightly faster than Wednesday! My first mile was 8m 16s, second 8m 34s and third 8m 51s. It felt a really good run and I was never under any doubt I’d get to 5k, unlike some runs where I feel I’ll never make it the distance I want! I just need to work on that 3rd mile time now!!

Went out another run on Saturday morning but I was struggling to get the energy into my legs, I did 2k averaging about 11kph but I was feeling really tired so decided to Fartlek the 2k back, doing sprints/jogs. Afterwards I checked my Garmin and my maximum speed was 19.5kph! I didn’t think I’d be able to sprint that fast!! Now if I could just keep that up for 10,000metres and not just 100metres I be doing 30minute 10k’s and competing in the Olympics! Never going to happen though….! After the running I went to Glasgow Club Easterhouse to do weights at the gym, then Glasgow Club Easterhouse Pool for a little swimming then relaxing the sauna. Then I went home to sleep!!

Well I’m back at work now so hoping to get back into a proper routine again going out running at night, which should get my training back on track and hopefully see my times coming down again! Got a Jog Scotland 5k next Wednesday night after work which I am working towards at the moment, once I get that out the way I’ll need to start running longer distances again in preparation for September!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wednesday 10th June

So how are the Bowie at Breakfast team getting on with the training for the Great Scottish Run?

Des - surprise, surprise...Des is still making sure that he doesn't exhuast himself by doing too much. He has walked briskly from the sofa to the fridge on a couple of occassions but that was about it. He claims that he won't be able to go running next week either because he is giving blood. This is now turning into an idiot's guide to "Great Excuses for Not Running".

Dr Prockter - She's never going to be first to the line on a sprint finish but slow but steady is fine. She's been out pounding the streets and at a very relaxing pace. She's managing 2 or 3 times a week with 2 or 3 times a week at the gym.

Bowie - He has the big boxing match against Tommy Sheridan in a couple of weeks so is really trying to improve his cardiovascular fitness. Although he has been wondering what to do about the fact he can hardly breathe sometimes because of the hayfever! However, he is committed to the task and has even been setting his alarm for 3.45 so he can get a 4 mile run in before the breakfast show in the morning.

Monday, 8 June 2009

13 weeks to go!

Finally summer seems to have arrived! And luckily for me I had chosen last week and this week to take off on holiday, and so have been able to enjoy the good weather! I didn’t get a chance to type up my blog last week, so I’ll cover the last 2 weeks of training on this one!

As my last blog finished up with a 5k run on the holiday Monday, I will start this on the Tuesday. I went to my Body Balance class again that night. I’ve been going to it since the start of the year and really enjoy it. Wednesday night I went out a run and managed to do 4k in 21mins 12secs, an average speed of 11.3kpm. Was really pleased with it as it was faster than my runs of the previous week, and I was able to increase the distance. I next got out running on the Sunday, and quickly discovered I am not good at running in hot weather!! I did 2miles in 17m 55s, an average of 10.8kph, a bit slower than I would have liked, it was a roasting hot day though, I’m just not used to running in the heat!

Monday was the start of our break so I went hill walking up The Cobbler with the other half. As well as being the most amazing views, it was a really hard work out, not helped at all by the scorching heat!! My calves were so sore the next day I could barely walk! Was definitely worth it though for the views! Now being in pain and barely able to walk, I for some reason decided to go for a run that night!! Surprisingly it actually helped, running was much less painful than walking! I did 3k in 15m 43s, an average of 11.5kph, which would be 52min 10k pace! It felt a really good run as well so was really pleased to have done it as could easily have stayed in the house!

I was then away for a few days and also managed to catch the cold, typical when off on holiday with lovely weather! But I was signed up to do the Race for Life 5k on Sunday with a couple of girls from my work so I went out a run on Saturday after getting back, mainly to see if I was able to run! I ran 3.5k in 19m 10s, which is averaging 10.9kpm, 55m pace for a 10k, so wasn’t too bad, although I would have been struggling had I tried to run more! The Race for life was a great event on Sunday, if any of you are reading this that took part then congratulations to you all, it is such a fantastic charity to raise money for and was great to see thousands of women all there to do their bit to help out. The actual race started at 9.30 am, but we didn’t get started until after 10am as there were so many people there! It was difficult to get into a rhythm as there were so many people there walking but to be honest we didn’t care to much, it was more about taking part and raising money for the charity. We completed it in just under 34 and a half mins, one of the girls I was doing it with was taking part in her first 5k so very well done to her!

Well today I went out for another run, only did 1mile, in 8m 15s, averaging 11.7kph. I was struggling with my breathing a little due to a lingering cough from my cold, so didn’t want to push myself too much but was encouraged by the fact that I was able to run such a fast mile anyway! Off work this week again as I said above, and got more hill walking planned but hope to get out for some more running also, my immediate goal is to have my 5k time starting with a 25 so hopefully will achieve that sooner than later!