Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Post run review!

Well after months of training, it’s all over, and it was another brilliant event!

I didn't quite manage my target time, but I'm not too disappointed. The unprecedented numbers taking part meant my particular section was very crowded so I couldn't get into my rhythm for the first couple of miles, and then pushed myself too hard to make some time up and got a stitch!! In the end I did it in 1hr 1m 27s, still the fastest time I have completed the Great Scottish Run in!

The support along the route, especially coming into Glasgow Green at the end was excellent and really does help keep you going, so I’ll definitely be back next year!

I hope you all had a great day out, and if like me didn’t achieve exactly what you wanted at least managed to have fun, and if you did achieve a new PB then well done! Thank you all for reading my blog over the last few weeks, I hope you have found it useful and enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed updating it! Keep checking the Run Glasgow website, a new section for the Running Network will be appearing soon and I may keep my blog going…..!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Final Week!

Final week of training! Not much to report on this week, did my usual Spin class on Monday night, then Tuesday night went out a run, managed to do 6.5k in 35mins 53secs, an average of 10.9kph, so bang on 55min pace! Did my first mile in 8m 28s, second 8m 52s, third 9m 5s and fourth 9m 6s! Was a good final run to do!

Decided not to do any further running this week, as I wanted to ensure I was as fresh as possible for tomorrow (however my sore throat that I woke up with this morning is concerning me slightly…!) Just had a massive bowl of pasta for my dinner, and about to get everything out that I need tomorrow, then have an early night tonight!

Fingers crossed the weather isn’t too bad, rain I can cope with, but hoping it’s not too windy, as that can really affect performance!

Not much else for me to say except best of luck to everyone! I hope you all get the times you are hoping for tomorrow, but more importantly, enjoy your day and the great atmosphere that is always there for the Great Scottish Run!

I'll post a final blog once i have my official time....!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Bowie at Breakfast - 4th September

It's now that exciting stage, where you've done about as much as you can possibly do and all that's left is to make sure your kit is clean and ready to go. it's a bit like swatting for an exam and then knowing that you've learnt as much as you are ever going to.
It's been a couple of short runs for the team, just keeping the muscles limbered up and ready ahead of the big day on Sunday.
The kids, of course are running on Saturday morning....it looks like it might be a bit showery, but it's not dampening their enthusiasm.
Des McLean is currently sitting with a serious look on his face, trying to come up with a clever race day strategy but we've told him that he would do well just to focus his attentions on getting from Start Line to Finish in one piece.
Good luck to everyone who's taking part and thanks to anyone who is going to stand at the side of the route and cheer us on!!!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

1 Week to Go!

Into the final week of training before the big day….how did that happen so fast?!

Well I had hoped for a really good week of training to set me up nicely for easing off this week, and I got off to a great start, unfortunately it all fell apart by the end of the week!

As usual I had my spin class on Monday night at Glasgow Club Easterhouse. It was great fun as usual, there is definitely something therapeutic about spinning as fast as you can on a bike on a Monday night!!

Tuesday I went out running and managed a new PB for my 5k time!! I did it in 28m 19s, an average of 11.4kph, and nearly 20 secs faster than my previous best! My mile times were 8m 23s for the first, second 8m 33s and third 8m 31s. It was on of those runs where I just felt great. I really hope I have the same feeling on Sunday morning!

Well I had a rest night on Wednesday, then Thursday I wasn’t feeling too great so decided to give running a miss that night and go Friday instead, and I think that ruined the rest of the week’s training for me! I went out and did 2 miles on Friday night, in a fairly good time of 17m 7s, average 11.3 (first mile 8m 32s, second 8m 34s), then after that went to the gym at Glasgow Club Easterhouse, but then Saturday morning when I went to go running I realised very quickly that I had nothing left in the legs at all. Tried a couple of times to get doing but I could barely move, so decided it wasn’t worth trying to push myself so close to the GSR. Although I’ve been running two days in a row many times before, there is usually about 24 hours between runs, whereas that would only have been about 14 hours. Clearly wasn’t enough time for my body to recover! (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway!)

I went out for another attempt at a run on Sunday morning, it was really windy and again I struggled with speed, but managed to complete 5k, in a time 2 minutes slower than Tuesday at 28m 16s, average of 10.6kph. My first mile wasn’t bad at 8m 40s, but then my second was 9m 9s, and third an awful (but partly uphill!) 9m 29s! Ah well, at least I made it to 5k!

Well this week I really want to make sure I am as fresh as possible for Sunday, so I plan on going to spin Monday night, try do a 6 or 7k on Tuesday or Wednesday night, then Friday night I will try a jog for 2 or 3 miles, then completely rest on Saturday. I still am aiming for the 10k in under 55mins, a couple of weeks ago I thought I could do it, but not to sure after this last week! However if I aim for it, hopefully it will give me the adrenalin to keep going, and hopefully if not achieve it at least I won’t feel I’ve not tried my best!

I will post my final week’s training blog on Saturday, then come back with my race day analysis on Sunday, but until then, best of luck to you all with your last minute training!